Thursday, January 3, 2013

Our Government is going down the tubes

It's getting to the point that we the citizens of the United States of America will have to take back the government to correct the wrongs it is creating, which has separated itself from its people.  Government divided from it's people has a dictator for a ruler. Corrupt, greedy, law breaking people are now the ones in the higher law making positions in our government. They have, and are now creating laws and regulations for "the good of the People" that attack our Constitution, which they immune themselves from those very same laws.  They give each other raises while their citizens are being laid off; they give our tax dollars to self gratifying groups for their own good, and lots, lots more.   It's hard to understand, but congress is in fact ignoring the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and they are always trying to override anything to do with it.  The Constitution PEOPLE is the only thing that is keeping our own government from overthrowing it's own people.  You had better keep it protected and always stand up for it. Yet citizens all across the country just ignore what our government is doing!!  Opting for the FREE stuff that blinds its citizens from what is really going on. It's happening slowly but surely, first this right GONE, than that right GONE, etc.  It's time the citizens of the United States of America to OPEN YOUR EYES TO WHAT IS HAPPINING WITH OUR GOVERNMENT!!!   SPEAK UP AGAINST THOSE THAT WILL TRY AND TAKE OUR RIGHTS AWAY, REMOVE ALL THAT DON'T OBIDE BY THE CONSTITUTION AND THE BILL OF RIGHTS, OTHERWISE  IT WILL SOON BE TO LATE!!!!    Just saying. ☺

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