Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Burger King is Not Crazy

The Burger King ad has got to be the last straw for the coddling of political correctness advocates.

Why does even the King have to bite his tongue when using terms that we all use on a daily basis to denote not thinking clearly.

This society has bent over backwards every time some minority group gets offended. What’s happened to majority rule in this country? Pretty soon, we’ll be banned from speaking because we might offend someone.

Being offended is a personal problem and it should stay a personal problem. If I don’t like my hair, I might be offended if someone in a commercial indicates you are only beautiful if you have long flowing silky hair.

Speaking of hair, has anyone ever heard the old adage about the green hair? The scenario is that if someone walked up to you and said “you have green hair!” would you be offended? No. Because obviously—most of us anyway—don’t have green hair. But if someone walked up to you and said “you have a large nose,” and you were sensitive about the size of your nose, you would be offended. So, being offended has more to do with how you feel about yourself than it does how anyone else feels about you. A comment is just a comment. If the shoe fits …

There is a difference if the offensive statement is used to hurt. The person trying to offend a person should be punished as an individual. We should not change the political correctness of the comment to incorporate anyone using it in everyday speech or in a commercial.

Are we creating a society of wimps that get their feelings hurt easily and want everyone else to change to suite them, rather than the way our forefathers did it. Suck it up and move on!!!

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